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26 Dec 2017 Global Lower Tropospheric temperatures to Nov 2017
12 Jun 2015 -- Added to 'Published papers'
22 Nov 2014 Australian Great Barrier Reef sea temperatures (to Jul 2014) - update
11 Sep 2014 General Analysis of Review of SOD of WGI contrib to IPCC 5AR
10 May 2014 Australian Heat waves - Jan 2014 v. Jan 1896
01 Feb 2014 -- Reformatted top and added details to 'Published articles'
General Global Australian
Analysis of Review of SOD of WGI contrib to IPCC 5AR - A detailed analysis of the review comments and their responses, with numerous copies of the comments and accompanying responses. 11 Sep 2014

Our controversial ENSO paper and subsequent documents - A more complete picture of our paper of 2009 and how the journal refused to publish our response to the flawed criticism. 02 Feb 2011

"Glaciergate" highlights IPCC flaws - Investigation of Glaciergate and its implications about IPCC reports. PDF document. Also a shorter piece (800 words) based on the same document. 28 Oct 2010

We Have Been Conned - an independent review of the IPCC - Shows the many flaws with the IPCC and its reports. Minor typo revisions to original document, which is available here . (both PDF documents) 27 Sep 2010

Censorship at AGU: Scientists denied Right of Reply - Our public statement about how the underhand actions of critics of our paper "Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature" (see below) and a journal that failed to enforce its own rules and standards prevented us from defending our paper against our critics.31 Mar 2010

Climate Science Corrupted - Essay about how the beliefs of 3 key individuals involved with the formation of the IPCC have misled governments and the general public about man-made warming. 06 Dec 2009

Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature - written with Professors Chris de Freitas and Bob Carter this paper shows that the El Nino-Southern Oscillation is likely to be the determinant of average global temperature. (A preliminary response to an informal criticism of this paper is here.) 13 SEP 2009

The IPCC can't count - an investigation of the claim that 4,000 IPCC authors and reviewers supported the claim of significant man-made warming. The original document (of 5 Jan 2008) now updated and expanded 19 JAN 2008  

EPA ANPR Submission - in response to the directive to the EPA that it should regulate carbon dioxide emissions. This document addresses the credibility of the IPCC's claims 28 NOV 2008  

Prejudiced Authors, Prejudiced Findings - About the authorship of the pivotal 9th chapter of the WG I contribution to the IPCC 4AR and how it differed from the IPCC's stated aims 15 JUL 2008  

Consensus? What Consensus? - How did the claims of a consensus start and what's the evidence for one 05 FEB 2008  

The IPCC under the microscope - Plenty of questions about its operation and integrity are raised in these articles 19 NOV 2007  

Disband the IPCC now! - here's 10 good reasons to (PDF doc) 11 NOV 2007  

The IPCC's weak evidence for a human influence (PDF doc) 13 OCT 2007  

Ignore natural event and blame humans - 1976 Great Pacific Climate Shift ignored (PDF doc) 9 OCT 2007

Fallacies about Global Warming - 8 key points (PDF doc) 28 SEP 2007

IPCC review analysis Updated! The reality doesn't match the popular impressions. (Please note: A document cited in this paper has been removed by the IPCC. Some of the information, but not all, is available in this IPCC Fact Sheet) (PDF doc) 24 OCT 2007

Doubting the consensus - why would anyone? 9 JUL 2007

Lower tropospheric temperatures - 10 graphs of data from the University of Alabama. 26 DEC 2017

Britain's temperature and rainfall - CET, details of temperature and rainfall (Dr Wilson Flood) 18 FEB 2009

Wilkins Ice Shelf - The partial collapse in March may have started almost 12 months earlier (PDF) 11 MAY 2008

Temperature data coverage - The percentage of the earth's surface supplying data (1850-2006) 16 NOV 2007

Tuvalu sea level - is NOT changing due to man-made warming 27 SEP 2007

Cloud Cover variations - lots of graphs which might account for regional temperature variations 25 JUN 2007

Ice Cores - not so straight forward 23 AUG 2005

Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) in each Hemisphere 6 JUN 2005

Arctic Ice (recent) - regional variations are very obvious 1 OCT 2005

Arctic Ice (1920-1940) - retraction comparable to modern times 1 OCT 2005

A Tale of Two Hemispheres - far from "global" 29 MAR 2005

Antarctic warming - plenty of natural reasons 12 DEC 2004

Great Barrier Reef SSTs to Jul 2014 - Sea Surface Temperature anomalies and the trends in those anomalies. No cause for alarm at all. 22 NOV 2014

Heat waves - Jan 2014 v. Jan 1896 - The heat wave in south-eastern Australia in January 2014 was not as severe as that of January 1896. 10 MAY 2014

Great Barrier Reef Sea Temperature and the ENSO - sea-surface temperatures can often be linked to variations in the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). 18 SEP 2012

Great Barrier Reef - sea-surface temperatures probably haven't risen significantly since about 1940, which was the start of data from a local island. updated 20 JUL 2011

Letter to Aus. Chief Scientist - written response to an article from the CS, published by Australia's national broadcaster, the ABC (see letter for details). I received an automatic email acknowledgement on 3 July 2011 and a receipt of delivery registered post of a hard copy document on 11 July. I am still awaiting a response from the CS. 04 JUL 2011

The Mythmakers - about heatwaves being natural events and not man-made (published in Quadrant Online) 27 FEB 2011

Alarmists ignore basic physics - about atmosphere-ocean heat exchange. Oceans can warm air but air can't warm oceans. (published in Quadrant Online) 27 FEB 2011

Melbourne as an Urban Heat Island - some clear implications for other places 4 AUG 2005 (updated 02 APR 2010)

Sea level at Kakadu - variations are due to natural causes 03 NOV 2008

Submission responding to draft Victorian Coastal Strategy - concentrating on claims about climate, sea level and ocean acidity. 29 JAN 2008

"Facts and Fictions ..." - My submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review. 25 JAN 2008

Critical review of "Healthy Planet, Places and People" - another climate-related report which ignores documented evidence and makes unsubstantiated claims 12 NOV 2007

Analysis of "Climate Change Australia" (2007) report - unsubstantiated claims make this report more like a sales brochure than good science. (PDF) 11 OCT 2007

Australia's temperatures since 1950 - an alternative view (PDF) 17 OCT 2007

Analysis of earlier CSIRO climate reports (peer-reviewed paper, PDF) 9 OCT 2006

Rainfall in the Murray-Darling Basin - recent levels seem quite natural 14 JUL 2007

Predictions for the Murray-Darling Basin - what nonsense! 13 JAN 2005

Australia's Changing Climate - plenty of natural variations 28 DEC 2004