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03 Jan 2014 How politics clouds the climate debate  [The Age]

14 Nov 2014 Hot air no surprise to warming sceptics  [The Age]

14 Oct 2013 Long bow to blame NSW bushfires on man-made global warming  [The Age]

23 Aug 2013 The í95% certaintyí is that the IPCC canít be trusted  [Quadrant Online]
The upcoming IPCC report is the end result of a convoluted process that mangles science and then smothers whatever of value remains with nakedly politically re-writes and tinkering
03 Apr 2013 The very model of a modern climate scientist  [Quadrant Online]
As one of the chief advisers and architects of the Gillard governments, Will Steffen is one of the go-to experts for instant quotes on the planetís imminent peril. You would think he might know the difference between climate and weather
12 Mar 2013 How the IPCC writes its own ticket  [Quadrant Online]
Pull back the curtain on the IPCC and what you find are mates peer-reviewing mates, papers manufactured on demand and, worst of all, an institutionalised bias that begins and ends [with?] the dogmatic notion that mankind is the planetís greatest enemy
05 Mar 2013 Another dose of Flim-Flannery  [Quadrant Online]

15 Jan 2013 Sins of omission and Climate Commission  [Quadrant Online]
(NB. In paragraph 4 "1987" should read "1997"). Tim Flannery & Co. know the world is melting and want you to believe it too. Maybe that is why so many salient facts and perspectives are missing from their latest epistle
07 Jan 2013 The IPCCís fatal founding flaw  [Quadrant Online]
You canít really blame the organisation for blaming climate change solely on anthropogenic influences. Selectively assembling evidence of humanityís alleged influence, to the exclusion of all other factors, has been the cornerstone of its brief since the very start
02 Sep 2012 The big bunnies of climate science  [Quadrant Online]
Rather than reading, and often misreading, ice cores, tree-ring data and the like, climate scientists would do well to ask if they have invested their faith in an illusion
30 Jun 2011 The unpalatable truth  [Quadrant Online]
When professor Hoegh-Guldberg was reluctant to concede that peer review and publishing decisions were sometimes seriously flawed I posted further material on the web page to highlight the problems, and I used his own papers as examples.
07 Jun 2011 "The evidence is not there"  [Quadrant Online]
Alan Jones to professor David Karoly: "It's not there. You, the chapter review editor. It's not there! The evidence is not there."
30 Jan 2011 Alarmists ignore physics  [Quadrant Online]
Simple physics shows us that human activity is not to blame for the recent warming of the oceans around northern Australia and the same physics can account for the rise in average global temperatures that have been blamed on human activity.
27 Oct 2010 Glaciergate meltdown  [Quadrant Online]
The IPCCís assessment reports are widely regarded as the ultimate references on climate matters. Behind this esteem is a belief that teams of scientists impartially evaluated a vast pool of information and together drafted and refined an impeccable document for each report. The gulf between this belief and reality is in fact huge
29 Mar 2010 How we were censored  [Quadrant Online]
(with Bob Carter) Few stories in science come bigger than deliberate censorship, and especially so when it concerns material that is relevant to the dangerous global warming debate. We present a brief outline of how we were censored by leading AGW scientists.
30 Nov 2009 Kiwi Climategate  [Quadrant Online]
Last Wednesday the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition released a document showing that New Zealandís average temperature had not risen by as much as its National Institute for Water and Atmosphere claims.
06 May 2009 Science a slave to expediency  [The Australian]
THE notion that human activity has an alarming influence on climate is based on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports and spurious claims about a scientific consensus. Independent scientists who question these claims are accused of being in the pay of the energy industry and of believing that the notion of man-made climate change is a conspiracy.
09 Sep 2008 Climate Case Built on Thin Foundation  [The Australian]
ROSS Garnaut made it clear in his interim report that his climate change review takes as a starting point - not as a belief but on the balance of probabilities - that the claims made in the fourth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are correct. Had he made even a cursory examination of the integrity of those IPCC claims he would have found a very troubling picture.