"Facts and Fictions..."
My Submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review
(Jan 2008)

Click on this link to download a PDF copy of my submission.
(About 800KB because there's 47 pages and lots of figures.)

The Garnaut Climate Change Review has pretensions to being like the UK's Stern Report and being very focused on reductions in carbon dioxide emissions that it claims are necessary. The home page for the Review (see here) says "The Australian economy must adapt to the impacts of climate change, and the existence of a price on greenhouse gas emissions."

I beg to differ and my submission, based on data rather than opinions or unsupported claims, shows that...

(a) the observational data shows no evidence that human activity has influenced climate
(b) neither the IPCC or Australia's CSIRO has produced any irrefutable evidence of a human influence
(c) there is no evidence of a consensus among qualified experts that mankind causes warming
(d) many key issues about man-made warming either refute the claim or are unresolved
(e) natural forces can account for changes to Australia's climate
(f) natural forces and marine construction work can account for changes in sea level around Australia

I also draw attention to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation that in 1976 shifted into a state of permanent "semi-El Nino". This shift will have a major impact on Australia's climate and taking appropriate action on this problem is far more important than taking action on claims that lack solid evidence about carbon dioxide.