Submission to the draft Victorian Coastal Strategy

(Jan 2008)

Click on this link to download a PDF copy of my submission.
(About 370KB, 32 pages)

The Victorian Coastal Strategy is created and regularly revised by the Victorian Coastal Council. The draft of the latest update has been made public and comments have been invited. (Web page )

I have responded to that invitation by showing that the Strategy relies upon unsound claims from the IPCC and Australia's CSIRO about a human influence on climate and unsound data with respect to historical sea levels, and therefore that predictions from those sources have no credibility.

I show the natural forces on the climate of Victoria's coastline and I show that the sea level data from tidal stations is quite problematic because of errors and land uplift and subsidence.

From a subset comprised of the most reliable sea level data I show that changes in sea level are at the mercy of natural rather than man-made forces and that there is no good reason to believe from this data that seas will rise over the next 90 years.