About ...
1 - The information on these pages is updated when I have time and when there's something worth posting. I'll try to ensure that new items appear in the "What's New" listing so you can keep track of changes.

2 - I'm a member of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, see http://www.nzclimatescience.org/ 

3 - I refer to myself as a climate data analyst with good reason. Links on my main page can take you to analyses of data like the following:
  * Near-surface temperatures data
  * Sea surface temperature data
  * Tropospheric temperature data
  * Ice core data
  * Cloud cover data
  * Sea level data
  * Sea ice cover data

4 - My full time occupation is in Information Technology but it brings the following skills
  * the ability to read and process digital data (and there's plenty of that in climate research)
  * the ability to analyse data
  * skills in logical thinking
Compare those skills to the skills(?) that some other voices on climate have, like biologist or politician, and to Phil Jones, head of the UK's Climatic Research Unit, who was ranked as one of the UK's top 100 scientists in 2010, but admitted in a Climategate email that he had no idea how to use Excel to calculate a trend. (See report and copy of the email here)

5 - My public email address is mcleanjoh (at) gmail.com but I don't check every day for email.