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08 Aug 2020    Category: GENERAL

The Greatly Exaggerated Threat of Man-made Warming

New document showing that the IPCC was established on the basis of uncertain but greatly exaggerated science with a large dollop of UNEP political activism thrown in. It also shows that every IPCC report has continued in the very same way and that anyone who believes the IPCC's claims does so at their own peril. You'll find it here.

UAH Global graph

29 Feb 2020    Category: GLOBAL

Update to graphs of Tropospheric temperatures

Lower tropospheric temperatures since 1979 are reported by the University of Alabama, Huntsville UAH). They show a different but probably more accurate set of global average temperature anomalies because on the rare occasion that they are adjusted, the adjustments are applied globally, unlike weather station adjustments that are specific to the data from that weather station.
Ten plots are shown on the web page, covering global data, data by latitude bands and two specific countries with large land area.

Image of Audit report

08 Jul 2019   Category: GENERAL

HadCRUT4 Audit published

This appears to be the first ever audit of the HadCRUT4 temperature dataset, which is widely used by the IPCC and others. The audit identifies more than 70 issues with it, some applying to individual data values but others to the entire dataset. Many issues will also apply to other temperature datasets because they are all based on the same recorded data.
The uncertainty of the data is far larger than the IPCC and others try to claim, but there are so many points of uncertainty that it's impossible to calculate any exact range. Worse, some uncertainties are biased in one direction (up or down).