Archive of GLOBAL items

This group of items deals with global data or at least data outside Australia.

29 Feb 2020

Lower tropospheric temperatures - 10 graphs of data from the University of Alabama. (Web page)

11 May 2008

Wilkins Ice Shelf - The partial collapse in March 2008 may have started almost 12 months earlier (PDF document)

16 Nov 2007

Temperature data coverage - The percentage of the earth's surface supplying data (1850-2006). (Web page)

27 Sep 2007

Tuvalu sea level - is NOT changing due to man-made warming. (Web page)

25 Jun 2007

Cloud Cover variations - lots of graphs which might account for regional temperature variations. (Web page)

23 Aug 2005

Ice Cores - Arctic and Antarctic data, and they are a poor match. (Web page)

06 Jun 2005

Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) in each Hemisphere. (Web page)

01 Oct 2005

Arctic Ice - The retraction of sea ice during the period 1920-1940 is comparable to modern times. (Web page)