Archive of GENERAL items

This group of items covers several issues about the IPCC and its reports, some published papers and articles, as well as certain submissions to inquiries.

07 Aug 2020

The Greatly Exaggerated Threat of Man-made Warming - 38-page PDF document that shows how the IPCC was established on the basis of uncertain but greatly exaggerated science with a large dollop of UNEP political activism thrown in. It also shows that every IPCC report has continued in the very same way and that anyone who believes the IPCC's claims does so at their own peril. (PDF document)

08 Jul 2019

Audit of the HadCRUT4 dataset - Published in October 2018, a 120-page detailed audit of the HadCRUT4 dataset that identifies more than 70 problem areas, including issues with the data prior to it being submitted to the CRU and Hadley Centre. A 4-minute YouTube video by Marc Morano that talks about the audit can be found here.

11 Sep 2014

Analysis of Review of SOD of WGI contrib to IPCC 5AR - A detailed analysis of the review comments and their responses, with numerous copies of the comments and accompanying responses. (PDF document)

02 Feb 2011

Our controversial ENSO paper and subsequent documents - A more complete picture of our paper of 2009 and how the journal refused to publish our response to the flawed criticism. (Web page)

28 Oct 2010

"Glaciergate" highlights IPCC flaws - Investigation of Glaciergate and its implications about IPCC reports. (PDF document) Also a shorter piece (800 words) based on the same document. (Web page)

27 Sep 2010

We Have Been Conned - an independent review of the IPCC - Shows the many flaws with the IPCC and its reports. (PDF document) Minor typo revisions to original document, which is available here . (PDF document)

31 Mar 2010

Censorship at AGU: Scientists denied Right of Reply - Our public statement about how the underhand actions of critics of our paper "Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature" (see below, 13 Sep 2009) and a journal that failed to enforce its own rules and standards prevented us from defending our paper against our critics. (PDF document)

06 Dec 2009

Climate Science Corrupted - Essay about how the beliefs of 3 key individuals involved with the formation of the IPCC have misled governments and the general public about man-made warming. (PDF document)

13 Sep 2009

Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric temperature - Written with professors Chris de Freitas and Bob Carter, this paper shows that the El Nino-Southern Oscillation is likely to be the determinant of average global temperature. (Web page)

19 Jan 2009

The IPCC can't count - An investigation of the claim that 4,000 IPCC authors and reviewers supported the claim of significant man-made warming (PDF document). The original document (of 5 Jan 2008) now updated and expanded. (PDF document)

28 Nov 2008

EPA ANPR Submission - A response to the directive to the US EPA about it regulating carbon dioxide emissions. This document addresses the credibility of the IPCC's claims. (PDF document)

15 Jul 2008

Prejudiced Authors, Prejudiced Findings - About the authorship of the pivotal 9th chapter of the WG I contribution to the IPCC 4AR and how it differed from the IPCC's stated aims. (PDF document)

05 Feb 2008

Consensus? What Consensus? - How did the claims of a consensus start and what's the evidence for one. (PDF document)

24 Oct 2007

IPCC review analysis The reality doesn't match the popular impressions. (PDF document)

13 Oct 2007

The IPCC's weak evidence for a human influence on climate. (PDF document)

09 Oct 2007

Ignore natural event and blame humans - The 1976 Great Pacific Climate Shift ignored. (PDF document)

09 Jul 2007

Doubting the consensus - Why would anyone? Here are EIGHT good reasons(Web page)