Archive of AUSTRALIAN items

This group of items are based on Australian data, Australian inquiries or other matters specific to Australia.

22 Nov 2014

Great Barrier Reef SSTs to Jul 2014 - Sea Surface Temperature anomalies and the trends in those anomalies. No cause for alarm at all. (Web page)

10 May 2014

Heat waves - Jan 2014 v. Jan 1896 - The heat wave in south-eastern Australia in January 2014 was not as severe as that of January 1896. (PDF document)

18 Sep 2012

Great Barrier Reef Sea Temperature and the ENSO - sea-surface temperatures can often be linked to variations in the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). (PDF document)

20 Jul 2011

Great Barrier Reef - sea-surface temperatures probably haven't risen significantly since about 1940, which was the start of data from a local island. (web page)

04 Jul 2011

Letter to Aus. Chief Scientist - A written response to an article from the CS, published by Australia's national broadcaster, the ABC (see letter for details). I received an automatic email acknowledgement on 3 July 2011 and a receipt of delivery registered post of a hard copy document on 11 July. I am still awaiting a response from the CS. (PDF document)

27 Feb 2011

The Mythmakers - about heatwaves being natural events and not man-made (published in Quadrant Online). (Web page)

27 Feb 2011

Alarmists ignore basic physics - about atmosphere-ocean heat exchange. Oceans can warm air but air can't warm oceans. (published in Quadrant Online). (Web page)

02 Apr 2010

Melbourne as an Urban Heat Island - some clear implications for other places. (Web page)