Lower Tropospheric Temperature Anomalies

XX Mar 2020   Category: GENERAL

1. Data from the University of Alabama (Huntsville) (i.e. UAH) and available here.
2. These plots use the latest available data from UAH and therefore include any revisions (currently at v6.0).
3. The monthly anomalies are relative to the 1981-2010 average for the corresponding calendar month.
4. On all graphs the year label appears in the January position.


1. Global combined land and sea
2. Global land only,
3. Global sea only,
4. Tropics (20N-20S) combined land and sea,
5. Northern exotropics (20N-90N) combined land and sea,
6. Southern exotropics (20S-90S) combined land and sea,
7. North Pole (60N-90N),
8. South Pole (60S-90S),
9. USA (48 states),
10. Australia

Global - land and sea

Figure 1

Global - land

Figure 2

Global - sea

Figure 3

Tropics - land and sea

Figure 4

Exotropics N - land and sea

Figure 5

Exotropics S - land and sea

Figure 6

Arctic region

Figure 7

Antarctic region

Figure 8

USA 48 states

Figure 9


Figure 10