Climate Data Sources
Australian data
Near-surface Temperature
Tropospheric Temperature
Carbon Dioxide
Ice Cores
Sea Ice Extent
Jetstream Winds


Australian data Bureau of Meteorology (home page) - a starting point to lots of information.
  Bureau of Meteorology (historical archive) - The BoM "Time series" webpage for a variety of data selections
Near-surface Temperature Climatic Research Unit (CRU) - Historical global and hemispheric average temperatures (just above "Answers to FAQs"). Read the notes about data format!
  Hadley Centre data page index - index to a variety of data from the UK's Hadley Centre
  NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) - Station data - for graphs and historical temperature data for land-based stations around the world.
  NOAA's Global Surface Temperature Anomalies - ocean and land temperature anomalies (see links at the bottom of the page - but beware of the base period for the averages from which the anomalies are calculated).
  National Oceanographic Data Center - Ocean temperatures and more.
  NOAA's Sea Surface Temperatures - the monthly archive of sea surface temperatures (SST) and their anomalies are particularly good.
  British Antarctic Survey - Temperatures from the Antarctic.
Tropospheric Temperature NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center (GHCC) - Notes on satellite measurements. (Temperature graphs have been removed from this page - why?)
  Univ of Alabama Tropospheric Temperatures - ("Vortex" dataset) data listing for land, sea, combined, hemispheric etc.
  National Climate Data Center (data) - mirror of the above data page
  National Climate Data Center - home page for NCDC information about MSU-based temperatures, with links to data sources
  GHRC - data for global, hemispheric and 12-month averages (but not broken into land and sea)
  NOAA's RATPAC-A data - Access to radiosonde data from NOAA
Sea Ice extent The Cryosphere Today - constantly updated sea ice coverage in the Arctic and Antarctic with emphasis on regions in the Arctic.
Jetstream winds CRWS Jetstream Analyses - From the California Weather Service and with links to archived data.
Carbon Dioxide Trends online Carbon Dioxide - an inventory of data from monitoring sites around the world.
Ice Cores World Data Center for Paleoclimatology - a little awkward but worth the effort.
  Trends Online Vostok Temperature data - delivers what it says!