General Note 

The links on this page are to useful commentary about the claims made about global warming or climate change (or whatever it is called this week).

Please go to this page if you are looking for links which provide data.

(Alphabetic order)
* Climate Audit weblog by Steve McIntyre.
Detailed commentary on climate issues from one of the team who broke the hockey stick

* Climate Science weblog by Roger Pielke Sr.
Multiple categories of articles back to June 2005

* CO2 Science by the Idsos.
Detailed commentary and reviews of published papers, concentrating on carbon dioxide

* Energy & Environment peer-reviewed journal.
One of few journals to publish papers contradicting the claimed consensus. Check abstracts and some free articles.

* The Global Warming Sceptic by Francis Massen in Luxembourg.
Wide variety of sceptical material. The information on the "go back" page is also worth a look

* Junk Science by Steve Milloy.
A daily (Monday-to-Friday) roundup of science nonsense with the occasional link to intelligent comment

* National Resources Stewardship Project
Canadian site addressing science-based decision-making about climate change, the environment and resources

* New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
Commentary on climate, climate policy and energy, emphasising the New Zealand situation

* Science and Environment Policy Project (SEPP) led by Fred S Singer.
Comments and opinions pieces with an emphasis on the USA

* Still Waiting for Greenhouse by the late John Daly (but still updated by others on a regular basis).
Comments on a variety of climate related issues.

* The Reference Frame blog by physicist Lubos Motl.
Discusses various physics issues with an emphasis on climate

* Warwick Hughes's blog
A nice example of what one individual can achieve to expose nonsense about climate change

* World Climate Report World's longest running climate weblog.
Opinions, commentary, multiple categories of archived material