Lower Tropospheric Temperatures

Global combined land and sea,
Global land only,
Global sea only,
Tropics (20N-20S) combined land and sea,
Northern exotropics (>20N) combined land and sea,
Southern exotropics (>20S) combined land and sea,
North Pole,
South Pole,
USA (48 states)
  General Notes
  1. The graphs on these pages are based on data extracted from the records of the University of Alabama (Huntsville) and available here. For notes about the data see the "readme" file in this folder.

2. On all graphs the year label appears in the January position.

3. My thanks to Dr. Wilson Flood of Dumfries, Scotland, for preparing these graphs

4. ** Important note from the above website on 10 Sep 2007**
"Note that NOAA-15 is drifting backward into a warmer part of the diurnal cycle which will induce a spurious warming in the values for the last couple of years in LT and MT (see 12 July 2007). Information from Carl Mears indicates the spurious warming in our LT and MT global anomalies will be about +0.08 and +0.04 respectively by mid 2007 (for the anomalies). Because we have not solved all of the peculiarities with NOAA-15 (especially channel 6) our intent to generate a multi-channel AMSU replacement for old MSU LT and MT is still on hold. Be advised that the LT and MT products are a little too warm in the past couple of years, but less than 0.1K." (my emphasis)

5. In January 2010, this data was recalculated to use the 1981-2010 average as the base value against which anomalies are calculated. The effect was to raise the baseline by approximately 0.1 degrees.

6. In April 2015 the data was adjusted to take into account satellite-based factors.



Figure 1 - Global temperatures, combined land and sea


Figure 2 - Global temperatures - land only


Figure 3 - Global temperatures - sea only


Figure 4 - Tropical temperatures (latitude 20N - 20S)


Figure 5 - Temperatures in northern exotropics


Figure 6 - Temperatures in Southern exotropics


Figure 7 - Temperatures at the North Pole


Figure 8 - Temperatures at the South Pole


Figure 9 - Temperatures for the 48 US states